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PA Pest Control

Are you looking for trustworthy pest control services servicing the Lehigh Valley area? PA Pest Control is the answer. We are known for high-quality control and treatment services. With our advanced detection and eradication methods we can get you back on the road to living in a pest free environment. Our services are safe, effective and affordable. Even better they are designed to provide immediate relief from all types of Pennsylvania pests and long-term protection from re-infestation. Call our trusted team at PA Pest Control for a quote today!

Our pest control company is comprised of specialists who have years of experience in the field.

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Our Services

Don’t let pests take over your home. They may seem invincible with do-it-yourself methods and products, but with our experienced and professional pest control services, we can ensure they won’t be coming back. And if they do, we’ll come back too. Feel comfortable in your home again without the looming presence of pests in your home with our extensive pest control services.

We offer a full range of Exterminator, and Animal Removal & Pest Control Services in the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA. Our services include prevention, extermination & removal of pests, insects & rodents. See the list of services below.

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Insect Control

While insects might be small in size, their numbers can quickly go out of hand. Whether your home is infested with a few insects here and there or an entire colony, we will find and exterminate them at the source to guarantee they won’t be bothering you anymore. We provide insect control services for the following insects common to this area.

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Vermin Control

The noises you’re hearing at night might not be ghosts, but instead rats or mice in the walls of your home. Especially in the colder months in Pennsylvania, all types of vermin will try to get shelter from the cold weather anywhere they can get it – even if it means your house. With our equipment and experience, we can find and remove them from your home before they spread and become an even bigger problem.

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Rodent Control

Pests that invade your home can also be present on the outside of your home, especially under porches, decks, crawl spaces, and other hard-to-reach spaces. These unwanted critters can not only pose a threat to damaging your home, but also to the health of your family. We specialize in trapping techniques to trap them at their entry source.

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